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Kitchen styles: White transitional kitchen basics

by Tim Hock Properties 11/28/2023

White transitional kitchen basics

Studies have shown, over 40 percent of folks who renovate their kitchen opt for a white kitchen as it can be styled with ease and when coupled with a transitional design, can appeal for a lifetime. 

What is a transitional style kitchen?

A transitional kitchen combines traditional styles with the more modern, contemporary aesthetics many have grown to love. Kitchens styled in this way are often bright, timeless and present a wonderful space for those who don’t wish to redecorate frequently. 

Transitional styles may include optimal use of natural light, painting cabinets in neutral tones, vertical siding panels and other classic components perfect for an everlasting appeal. 

Is a white kitchen timeless?

For some, a white kitchen may seem monotonous, however for many, a white kitchen offers an effortless traditional design with a fresh and clean charm. 

White kitchens are often more simple to style in comparison to using contrasting shades and can be paired with sleek modern furniture for a more contemporary allure. 

What is the difference between traditional & transitional style?

Traditional styles frequently incorporate more neutral designs and feature curved lines, which you may see in a circular coffee table or armchair. 

Transitional design allows you to get the best of both worlds by blending more contemporary styles with modern decor. Some of the more classic curvy lines and other bolder styles seen in traditional styling or toned down with transitional decorating and given a present-day spin. 

If you’re interested in classy decor with a pinch of the old and the new, transitional decor might be for you. 

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